These 4 volumes were issued in 1988 and 1989 on Germain Records (volumes 1 & 2) and Penthouse Records (volumes 3 & 4).

Dance Hall Masters

The Mighty Diamonds - Only Just Began
Frankie Paul - Come To Me
Delroy Wilson - As Long As You Are True
Admiral Bailey - Set Up Yourself
Pinchers - Rough Neck
Frankie Paul - Tell Me You Love Me
Sugar Minott - Nah Give Up
Peter Metro & Dominic - Cockney & Yardie
Frankie Paul - Sound System Special
Little John - Discus

Dance Hall Masters vol. 2

Thriller U - Big Bamboo
Flourgan - Live Good
Audrey Hall - Falling In Love Again
Daddy Lizard - Pack Up And Leave
Tinga Stewart - When My Little Girl Is Crying
Thriller U - Since You Came Into My Life
Leroy Gibbons - Day Oh
Sanchez - One In A Million
Dean Frazer - Sax In Version
Little Lenny - Let's Wait Awhile

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Dance Hall Masters vol. 3

Tiger - Nah Skin Up
Tony Rebel - Music Fraternity
Scotty & Chaka Demus - Bring It To Me
Nigger Mikey - Ting Deh
Henkel Irie - Dont Worry
Nana McLean - Let Your Love Shine
Thriller U - One Love Ago
Little Leny - Long For Your Love
Bunny General - Jamaicans Girls Don
Wendy Culture - French Cut

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Dance Hall Masters vol. 4

Wayne Wonder - Fast Car
Junie Ranks - Stop Distressing Woman
Audrey Hall - Nobody Else But Me
Nigger Mikey - Can't Rule Me
Andi - Who's Sad, Happy Or Gay
Wayne Wonder - Anything For You
Apache Scratchie - Fancy Girl
Crystal - Ben
Tony Rebel - Fresh D.J
Scotty - Shining Star