Penthouse Retro
[Digital Download - march 2017]

Horace Andy - All I Have Is Love [previously unreleased]
Audrey Hall - Angel of the Morning
Audrey Hall - Smile
George Nooks - We're In This Love Together
Hugh Porter - Didn't Come Out To Groove
The Studs - Mr. Big Man
The Tamlins - Undying Love
The Tamlins & Trinity - You'll Never Know
The Tamlins - Testify
Toyan - Just Love
Trammie Marquis - I.M.F

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Penthouse Retro vol. 2
[Digital Download - june 2017]

Dobby Dobson - Footstep of a Fool
The Mighty Diamonds - Head of Government
The Mighty Diamonds - Juvenile Child
George Nooks - Love Party
Trinity - Pass the Chalice (Football Match)
The Tamlins - So Much In Love
Tony Tuff - Come Fi Mash It
The Mighty Diamonds - Only Just Began
The Tamlins - Testify
Trinity - Cool Runnings
Joy White - It's My House

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Penthouse Retro vol. 3
[Digital Download - june 2017]

Thriller U - Big Bamboo
Ruddy Thomas - Can't Take Another Heartache
The Paragons - Darling I Need Your Loving
Leroy Gibbons - Day Oh
The Tamlins - Don't Break Your Promise
The Tamlins - Ready To Learn
Samantha Rose - Let Me Tell You Boy
George Nooks - No Trouble Wha Nuh Trouble You
George Nooks - Sentimental Reason
George Nooks - Take A Step
George Nooks - This Old Man
Hugh Porter - Tonight's The Night

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