Penthouse Showcase vol. 12
[february 2016]

Queen Ifrica – Love Is Not Blind
Shuga – Deciever
Marcia Griffiths – Shelter in My Love
Dalton Harris – The Side Effect of You
Iceman – Your Love Is Life
Exco Levi – Youths Dem So Violent
Shuga & Lone Ranger & Horace Andy – Every Tongue Shall Tell
Dalton Harris – Im Numb
Tony Rebel – Jah Is Always There
Ky-Mani Marley – My Heart Cries
Horace Andy – Every Tongue Shall Tell

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 11 (new tracklist)
[february 2016]

Natural Black – Hard to Ignore
Shuga – Nothing to Play With
Torch – Smoking High Grade
Lutan Fyah – Since I Fell in Love
Iceman – Wha Dis
Duane Stephenson – Run for Your Life
Nana McLean – Give Me One Reason
Phillip 7 – I’ll Be Here Waiting
Duane Stephenson – Miss Wire Waist
Shuga – Seal Up Again
RC – Won’t Tell You a Lie
Dalton Harris – Words of Wisdom

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 11
[october 2014]

Shuga & Ikaya - Dat Nah Guh Work
Marcia Griffiths - Don't Turn Your Back On Me
Romain Virgo & Exco Levi - Get It In Your Head
Natural Black - Hard To Ignore
D-Major - Mind Yuh Business
Shuga - Nothing To Play With
R.C - Rules Of Rastaman Yard
IceMan - Ringo & Loxley
Duane Stephenson - Run For Your Life
Torch - Smoking High Grade
Dalton Harris - Street Yute Anthem
Fyakin - That Nah App'n Again
IceMan - Wha Dis
Dalton Harris - Work Hard
Lutan Fyah - Since I Fell In Love
Shuga - Ride De Riddim

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 10
[november 2014]

Tessanne & Busy Signal - Don't Wanna Fight
Sherieta - Entitled
I-Wayne - Nightmare
Exco Levi - Ready To Revolute
D-Major - Real Know Real
D-Major, Exco Levi, R.C, Shuga, Ikaya, Marcia Griffiths, Alaine, Queen Ifrica, Sherieta, Torch & Tessanne - Stand Against Rape
Konshens - She Gone
Shuga - Tell Me a Lie
R.C - When I Was Your Man
Romain Virgo - Why Should I Worry
Dalton Harris - You Will Know
Busy Signal - Royal Night

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 9
[june 2012]

D-Major - Woman
Sanchez & Shuga - Said I Love You
Marcia Griffiths - Riddim Haffi Roll
Sherieta & Richie Spice - Kings and Queens
Exco Levi - Seems Like Forever
Tanya Stephens - Fair Weather
Lukie D - Love from Distance
R.C - Mary's Puss
Dean Fraser & Possie - Messopotamia
Busy Signal - Rock With Me
Shuga - Nutten Nah Connect
Buju Banton - Common Sense
Romain Virgo - Double Trouble
Buju Banton - Come Test Me Test

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 8
[march 2012]

Beres Hammond – Fire & Ice
Beres Hammond & Busy Signal – Fire & Ice (remix)
Marcia Griffiths & Queen Ifrica - Round & Round
Torch - What On Your Mind
Gyptian - Seek Jah
Romain Virgo - It Tears Me Up
Bob Andy - The Sun Shines For Me
Romain Virgo & Gevano - Dark Skin Girl (Remix)
Richie Spice - Heart Breaker
Louie Culture - Best Draw
Cameal Davis - I'm Doing Good
Sherieta Lewis - Forget All Your Problems
Sherieta Lewis & Busy Signal - Forget All Your Problems (remix)
Ky-Mani Marley - My Heart Cries
Gregory Isaacs - Secretary

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 7
[october 2010]

Alaine - Still Smilling
Sherieta Lewis - Reggae Is Life
Marcia Griffiths - Love Is A Treasure
Cameal Davis - God Bless The Children
Torch - Working For Mine
Nikki Burt - Should I
Maxi Priest - Love Will Come Over
Buju Banton - Checking Out
The Mighty Diamonds - Back-A-Wall
Daville - Dem Would A Love It
Prodigal - It Nuh Easy
Romain Virgo - Customer Care
Busy Signal - Badness
Khago - Bad Mind Is Active
Flourgan & Adena Myrie - I Don't Wonna Fight
Galaxy P - Turn Up The Fire

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 6
[august 2009]

Sanchez - Longing To Come Home
Lutan Fyah - Not A Dollar More
Tarrus Riley & Nikki Burt - Don't Look Back
Marcia Griffiths & Busy Signal - Keeping It Real
Romain Virgo - Love Doctor
L.U.S.T - Guh Fi Har
Buju Banton & Bunny Ruggs - Sense Of Purpose
John Holt - Lights Are Low
Nickesha Barnes - Nobody Wants To Be Alone
Beres Hammond - Warriors Don't Cry
Wayne Wonder - Ragged Rugged Road
Tony Rebel - Chant Down Babylon Kingdom
Kelvin Dixon - Never
Aisha Davis - Have To Say Goodbye

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 5
[august 2009]

Queen Ifrica - Lioness On The Rise
Nikki Burt & Queen Ifrica - Hustling Juggling
Noddy Virtue - Wish I Could Hold On
Cameal Davis - We Can
Voicemail - Perfect Gentleman
Beres Hammond & Assasin - Be Bold Be Strong
Jah Mali - El Shaddai
Torch - They Don't Know
Beres Hammond - Time
Khalil - I Want You Back
Nikki Burt - Are You Ready
Nadine Sutherland - Life On The Streets
Kelvin Dixon - Let's Get It On
Romain Virgo - Alton's Medley

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 4
[august 2009]

Romain Virgo - Time Tough
Audrey Hall - I Want To Know What Love Is
Freddie McGregor & Marcia Griffiths - If You Give Me Your Heart
John Holt & Queen Ifrica - Ghetto Queen
Tony Rebel - Another Bill
Beres Hammond & Queen Ifrica - What A Night
Da'Ville - Guiding Light
Nickesha Barnes & Buju Banton - It Feels So Good
Richie Spice - Thief
Philip 7 - I'll Be Here Waiting
Fyakin - Go On Your Way
Richie Stephens - Stranger In Love
Gramps Morgan - Equal Right
Nikki Burt & Queen Ifrica & Tony Rebel - Black Man's Redemption

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 3
[april 2009]

(Automatic riddim)

Bunny Rugs - Its You
Marcia Griffiths - Love Is Automatic
Daville - Tonight Is Yours
Peetah Morgan - Bye Bye
Torch - Treat Her Like A Lady
Red Foxx - My Baby
Richie Spice - Jah Never Let Us Down
Spanner Banner - Rolling Stone
Snatcha - Love Boat
Conkarah - Rude Boy Love
Marcia Griffiths & Busy Signal - Keeping It Real
Romain Virgo - Love Doctor
Mojo Morgan - River Nile
Penthouse All Stars - Automatic Riddim Version

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 2
[december 2008]

Bushman & Friends - African
Romain Virgo - Mi Caan Sleep
Queen Ifrica - Below The Waist
Beres Hammond - Just Don't Know How To Say Goodbye
Da'ville - I'll Be Your Best Friend
Torch - I Need Your Love
Nikkiesha Barnes - Tonight Is The Night
Anthony Cruz - Take It Off
Richie Stephens - Country Bus
Bushman - You Can't Blame The Youth
Nikki Burt & John Holt - Man Next Door
Anthony Cruz - Leaders Of The World
Nikki Burt - Make Ends Meet
Torch - No Escape

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