Classified in chronological order.

Fret Board riddim

D-Major – We Nah Give In
Exco Levi – Ready To Revolute
Nikki Burt – Every Tear I Cry
Gyptian – If This Is Not Love
Konshens – She Gone
Tifa – I’m Still Standing
Shuga – Sup M Sup M
Carol Gonzales – Nothing Else Will Do
Torch – She Was A Queen
Timeka Marshall – When You Play That Song
Fret Board Riddim Instrumental

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Poco Man Jam riddim

Kukudoo & Omari - Thank You Jesus
Assassin - Dem Sprinkle Oil
Exco Levi - Can't Leave Out God
Degree - Blood Sucker
Khago - Touch Affa Mi
Romain Virgo - Too Much Bull Pon De Dance Floor
Cameal Davis - I Had A Dream Last Night
Sherieta - Good Man
R.C. - Reggae Mi Name
Snatcha - Rolling With My Bonified
Shuga - Big Woman Thing
Poco Man Jam Mix
Poco Man Jam instrumental

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Street Of Gold riddim

Shuga – My Soul To Jah
Busy Signal – Hungry Days
Romain Virgo – Why Should I Worry
Exco Levi – Lock The Chart
D-Major – Real Know Real
Duane Stephenson – Rasta For I
Jimmy Cozier – What Love Is Made Of
Ikaya – Curcumstances
Sherieta – The Reason
R.C – Never Let Them Lead You Astray
To-Isis – Just Like The Sun
Timeka Marshall – No One But You
Tydal – Have You Lost Somebody

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Another Dollar Riddim

Romain Virgo - Another Day Another Dollar
Duane Stephenson & Exco Levi - Real Man Yuh Want
Tessanne & Busy Signal - Don't Wanna Fight
Mickey Spice - Bad Girl
I-Wayne - Nightmare Kiprich - No Fake Friends
Zamunda - Roots Reggae
T.O.K - Glad You're My Girl
Jimmy Riley - What Can I Do

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Sweet Ride Riddim

Assassin - Person Of Interest
Marcia Griffiths - I Need To Know
R.C. - All Night
Shuga - Bedroom Punisher
Dalton Harris - Gi Mi That Whine
Exco Levi - God Is My Witness
Richie Stephens - Greatest Gift
D Major - Quality Time
Sherieta - Reckless Abandon
Timeka Marshall - Stealing Feeling
Bunu - Version

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9.58 riddim

Beres Hammond - Dancing Beauty
Busy Signal - Reggae Music Again
Exco Levi - Life In The Factory
Mikey Spice - Love Like This
Shuga - 9.58
Romain Virgo - This Thing Called Love
Sherieta - Problem Free
Timeka Marshall - Kisses Softy
R.C. - System A Fraud
Shane Brown - Dub Version

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No Money riddim

Romain Virgo - No Money
Richie Spice - Confirmation
Torch - High Seat
Exco Levi - Seems Like Forever
Dalton Harris - Finally
Sherieta - Something's Missing
Sanchez - I'm Real
Shuga - Boys Will Be Boys
Da'Ville - Miss Wantie Wantie
Trevor Offkey - Highest Grade
Righteous Child - Queen Of My Heart
Lymie Murray - Suffering

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OMG riddim
Torch - What's On Your Mind / Wanna Know
Marcia Griffiths & Queen Ifrica - Round & Round
Busy Signal - Right Now
Coppa Cat - Since You Came In
Exco Levi - Bleaching Shop
Sherieta Lewis - My Best Friend
Shuga - Complicated Love
Chevaughn - All About You
Richie Stephens - Dry Your Tears
Sanchez - I Won't Surrender
Chuck Fender - Me Babymother Friend
Daville - Dem Would A Love It
Duane Stephenson - Saving The Best
D-Major - The Only One
DJ Kurt Riley - OMG megamix

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Big Stage riddim
Richie Stephens - Colour Of Love
Gyptian - Seek Jah
Queen Ifrica - The Will To Survive
Busy Signal - Comfort Zone
Chuck Fenda - Good Man In Your Life
Sanchez - Who Am I Without You
Romain Virgo - Taking You Home
Sherieta Lewis - Reggae Is Life
Daville - Putting Up Resistance
Alaine - Still Smiling
Marcia Griffiths - A Beer & A Girl
Tony Rebel - Pretenders Paradise
Stevie Face - Thank You For Loving Me
Torch - Ultimate Lover
Cameal Davis - Make It Right

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Penthouse Showcase vol. 3
(Automatic riddim)
Bunny Rugs - Its You
Marcia Griffiths - Love Is Automatic
Daville - Tonight Is Yours
Peetah Morgan - Bye Bye
Torch - Treat Her Like A Lady
Red Foxx - My Baby
Richie Spice - Jah Never Let Us Down
Spanner Banner - Rolling Stone
Snatcha - Love Boat
Conkarah - Rude Boy Love
Marcia Griffiths & Busy Signal - Keeping It Real
Romain Virgo - Love Doctor
Mojo Morgan - River Nile
Penthouse All Stars - Automatic Riddim Version

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Riddim Driven -
Stop The Fighting

(Stop The Fighting riddim)
Tony Rebel - Guns, Dogs & Pusses
Queen Ifrica - Below the Waist
Beres Hammond - Give It All You’ve Got
Beres Hammond & Buju Banton - I’m Gonna Do My Best
Jack Radics - It Nuh Huff
Richie Stephens & Assassin - Stop the Fighting
Warrior King - It’s Been A Long Time
Maxi Priest - Never Met A Woman Like You
Anthony Cruz - Strangers to the World
Torch - All I Want to See
Geoffrey Star - It’s A Beauty
Sweet C - Put Love First
Delly Ranx - Good Girls
Stop the Fighting Instrumental Version

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Dancehall 2004
(Love Me Always Riddim)
Assassin & Nicky Burt - Nobody Else
Sweet C - Paul
Beres Hammond - My Pride & Joy
Buju Banton - Go If You Want
Torch - I've Got Love
Chaka Demus - A Baby Dat
Gregory Isaacs - 15 Mins Ago
Nadine Sutherland - Dancehall Nice Again
Tony Rebel - It's Over
Bounty Killer - Woman Needs Love
Marcia Griffiths - Undying Love
Marcia Griffiths & Anthony B - Undying Love Too
Queen Ifrica - Can't Erase Memories
Jahmel - Love Is For Two
Torch - How Does It Feel
Richie Rich - Beat A Mi Heart
Michael Harris - Breath Of Fresh Air

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Forever Loving Jah

Marcia Griffiths & Tony Rebel - Forever Loving Jah
Morgan Heritage - Jah Revive I & I
Ras Shiloh - Who Can't Hear
Devonte - Everybody Needs
Jahmali & Jahmel - Wipe The Tears
Uton Green - Happy Days
LMS - Rastafari Mi Salute
Shanty Plus - Purpose
Buju Banton & Leroy Sibbles - Won't Fly In Jah Face
Da'Ville - Love Me For Me
Aaron Silk - Trust Me
Marcia Griffiths - Forever Loving Jah

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Dancehall 2000
(Things & Time riddim)

Beres Hammond - Can You Play
Beres Hammond & Buju Banton - Pull It Up
Tony Rebel - Hypocrites
ARP - Temple of the Lord
Beenie Man - Don't Want To Be
Nicki Tucker - Got To Live
LMS - Dance
D. Wisdom - The Party Is Jumping
Morgan Heritage - Music of the Century
Buju Banton - No Rebel In Disguise
Richie Stephens - Magic Woman
Lenky - Y2K
Mega Banton - Inclined Phenomenon
Jahmali - No Water
Richie Stephens - I'll Be Your Friend

(Right Time riddim)

Morgan Heritage - Comforter
Mighty Diamonds - Jah Love
Tony Rebel - Life Is No Joy Ride
Devonte - Love You Forever
LMS - Here We Come Again
Beenie Man - Conquer The Dragon
Dorrette Wisdom - Pride and Dignity
Jahmali - Hungry People
Lenky & Dean Fraser - Version
Buju Banton - No Fassy Hole *
Mega Banton & Tanto Metro - Fake Names *
Lenky & Jermaine Ford - Version *

* on Heads Roll riddim

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Dancehall Hits Vol. 7
(Swing Easy riddim)

Beres Hammond - kids play
Marcia Griffiths - childish games
Buju Banton - sensimilia persecution
Junior Tucker - true confession
Tony Rebel - know jah
Buccaneer - good director
Chevelle Franklin & Lady G - the right slam
Terror Fabulous - matty son
Wayne Wonder - rumours
Richie Stephens - miracle
Mad Cobra - poorman shoe
Terry Ganzie - who is it
Cutty Ranks - bad police
Juliet Nelson - love me or leave
Spragga Benz & Baby Cham - ganja song
Frankie Sly - want see jah face

Rhythm Exclusive
(Dickie riddim)

Terry Ganzie - Whosever
Beres Hammond - No More Pain
Cutty Ranks - Leave People Man
Macka B - People Can Dress
Junior Tucker - Julie
Leroy Smart - Worried About You
Tony Rebel - Guns & Amunition
Wayne Wonder - Missing Yo So Much
Lemsky Don - Bad Boy
Jack Radics - Alright

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Another Dimension
Nanny Goat Style


Richie Stephens - Are You Ready
Garnet Silk - Looking Good
Nana McLean - Are You Ready For Loving
Marcia Griffiths - Closer To You
Buju Banton - Woman No Fret
Sanchez - Born Again
Culture Nots - Respect To Shabba
Tony Rebel - Chatty Mouth
General Degree - Brinks
Dean Fraser - Nanny Skank
Mad Cobra - Hearse (not mentioned on the cover)

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Fire Burning
(Feeling Soul riddim)

Marcia Griffiths - Fire Burning
Marcia Griffiths & Cutty Ranks - Half Idiot
Chaka Demus - Get Up Stand Up
Buju Banton - Love Me Browning
Supervisor - Prevention
Wayne Wonder - Feeling Soul
Jack Radics - This Time I'll be Sweeter
Andi - Fuego Quemando
Thriller U - Every Little Step
Beres Hammond & Cinderella MC - Come & Get Me

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Five Star General
(General riddim)

Sanchez - Baby It's Time
Wayne Wonder - Heal The World
Little John - All Over Me
Gary Minnott - Pepper Pot
Terry Ganzie - Want The Loving
Terror Fabulous - Order
Supervisor - Follow Me To Bed
Lenky Don - Aids
Garnet Silk - Lion Heart
Dave Kelly - Version

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Ninja Turtle Vol. 1
(Workie Workie riddim)

Chaka Demus - Workie Workie
Scotty - My My My
Tony Rebel - The Armor
Rude Boy Kelly - Bubblers Remix
Nardo Ranks - Jammie Jammie
Wayne Wonder - All This Time
Apache Scratchie - Pon Cock
Garfield Lover - Girlie Girlie
Selvie Wonder - Bombo Ya (Pinchers - Informer on the jacket, error)
Rude Boy Kelly - Veggie Good

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Ninja Turtle Vol. 2
(Workie Workie riddim)

Marcia Griffiths - Mellow Mood
Derrick Parker - Everytime I Close My Eyes
Sugar Black - The Way You Are
Spanner Banner - Come Into My Life
Sophia Fisher - Loving Arms
Sanchez - Cherish
Roland Thriller - If You Ask Me To
Pinchers - Stand By Me
Presley - Ebony Eyes
Pliers - Give It A Chance

Ninja Turtle Vol. 3
(Workie Workie riddim)

Cutty Ranks - Liberty
Daddy Lizard - Kill Bow Cat
Peter Metro - Boysie
Clement Irie - Loving Me Need
Papa San - Mandella Come
Flourgon - Say No
Daddy Lizard - Kill Sound Boy
Lady Venus - Friend Me Mate
Junie Ranks - X-Rated
Wayne Fire - Who Say Man Done

Penthouse Cherry
(Cherry Oh Baby riddim)

Chaka Demus - Property
Tony Rebel & Garnett Silk - Christian Soldiers
Cutty Ranks - Move Up
Buju Banton - Gwan Go Sit Down
Johnny P - Tel A Gal Man
Supervisor - Try Hold Me Down
Grindsman - Quarter Idiot
Terry Ganzie - Play Big
Gospel Fish - Jus A Blossom
Baby Wayne - Me No Love Jail

One Riddim On The Move
(Pon Me Nozzle riddim)

Chaka Demus - Chaka On The Move
Beenie Don - Down And Put Down
Peter Metro - Bow Cat
Lady Junie - Bow Cat
Henkel Irie - Henkel Irie Deh Yah
Norbert Clarke - Champion Bubbler
Daddy Lizard - Boonoonus
Cutty Ranks - Pon Me Nozzle
Scotty - Walk The Streets At Night
Junie Ranks - Careful Who You Love

Dancehall Masters vol. 4
(Taxi riddim)

Wayne Wonder - Fast Car
Junie Ranks - Stop Distressing Woman
Audrey Hall - Nobody Else But Me
Nigger Mikey - Can't Rule Me
Andi - Who's Sad, Happy Or Gay
Wayne Wonder - Anything For You
Apache Scratchie - Fancy Girl
Crystal - Ben
Tony Rebel - Fresh D.J
Scotty - Shining Star

What One Riddim Can Do
(Pressure & Slide riddim)

Tonto Irie - World’s Best Lover
Johnny Osbourne - Rock-A-Dub
Tenor Saw - No Work On Sunday
Yellowman - One Hundred Sexy Girls
Sugar Minot - Cool Down
Audrey Hall - One Dance Won’t Do
Owen Gray - Standing On His Way
Dean Fraser - Pressure On The Sax
DX7&D. Machine - The Riddim
Peter Metro - The Metro (not mentioned on the cover)

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