Interview with ...
Anthony Cruz

After starting his career in the USA during the 90s, Anthony Cruz returned to Jamaica in 2000. He scored many hit singles and became one of the most talented singers of the current generation.
He is now managed by Donovan Germain. His new album "Fight With All Your Might" is a true event. Itís the first artist album produced by Penthouse Records for more than 4 years.

(October 2008 -

Anthony, please introduce yourself to us. How did you start your musical career ?
My name is Rowan Smith aka Anthony Cruz, the nephew of the late great Garnet Silk. I got started years ago, in Miami with a producer named Willie Lindo who produced my first album "Where there is love".

You have a certain soulful smooth vocal style. Were you influenced by other jamaican and american singers ?
My influence comes from positive roll models like my uncle Garnet Silk.

Your real name is Rohan Smith. Why did you choose this artist's name ?
Anthony is my middle name. Cruz was just an addition love the last name.

You recorded during numerous years in USA. What is the difference between american and jamaican manner of making ?
The difference between Jamaica and overseas is you get more inspiration from there every day livity there and more of the foundation producers are there.

You write many love songs. Where do you find inspiration ?
The love songs I write, I get the inspiration from experiences and other peoples experiences.

Who are your favourites female and male singers among the current generation ?
My favourite male singers are Stevie Wonder and Usher. My favourite female singers would be Rihanna and Whitney Houston.

You recorded your first song for Donovan Germain's Penthouse label 2 years ago ("Strangers To The World" in the Continuation riddim). How did you get connected ?
I met Germain years ago when I went to Penthouse studios.

Talk us about your album "Fight With All Your Might" produced by Germain (in store since April). How was this project born ?
We just decided to do a good album got some the classic Penthouse riddims put some good lyrics to paper.

Which musicians and engineers collaborated on this album ?
The musicians are Sly, Robbie, Dean Frazer, Firehouse crew, Danny Browne, Steelie & Clevie, Mafia & Fluxy, Dave Kelly, Robbie Lyn, Lenky, Ernie Wilks... The main engineers are Shane Brown, Kevino Elliott and Michael Cooper.

Among all songs of this album, which one is your favourite ?
My favourite song would be "Leaders of the world" because of whats taking place in the world today.

You recorded for many labels. What is Donovan Germain's singularity comparing to other producers ?
Compare Germain to others, I would say very professional.

During the golden years of Penthouse records (90s), which songs left you most memories ?
Two songs : "I shall sing" by Marcia Griffiths and "The Saddest Day Of My Life" by Wayne Wonder.

Is your record label Shan-shan Music still active ?
Yes it is active. Shan-shan is my daughters pet name, so I named my company after her.

To conclude, what are your plans ? Will you be touring over the world to promote this new album ?
I'm presently in New York, promoting the album just came from Miami. It's getting crazy love all over. Jah bless.

Anthony Cruz - Fight With All Your Might (April 2008)

01. Love Is Falling
02. In This Thing Together
03. Fight
04. Fly Away With Me
05. For The Love Of You
06. Hard On You
07. Hold Me (feat. Nikkiesha Barnes)
08. Things We Don't Like
09. Leaders Of The World
10. Music To Dem Head
11. My Story
12. No Ordinary Girl
13. Strangers To The World
14. Take It Off
15. When We Ride