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Fyakin is an upcoming artist affiliated to Tony Rebel's Flames label. He has just recorded two very interesting singles for Penthouse Records proving how talented he is. A positive attitude with relevant lyrics.

(November 2009 -

Fyakin, please introduce yourself to those reggae fans who don't know you as yet.
Well, I am Fyakin from Jamaica. I am a jovial person love playing soccer, reading, watching documentaries and most of all love nature.

When did you start your musical career ?
I started my music career professionally in 2005 but I have always been writing music. At the age of 9, I started writing music with the help of my older brother whom I admired as a sing jay also.

What was your first single ?
My first single is called "They donít know". It was produced by Fifth Element in 2005.

Can you explain the choice of your artist name ?
The name Fyakin has been given to me because of my humility with burning desires to learn and uplift the mind of the people I always want to learn something new.

Were you influenced by other artists ? I think you sing a little like I Wayne, Sizzla and Perfect.
Yes, I am influenced by other artists like Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, Burning Spear, my brother Neu Mowatt, I Wayne, Sizzla and many others. I listen to a whole lot of music and got inspired once the message is there.

You recorded your first songs for Donovan Germain's Penthouse label this year. How did you get connected ?
I got the link through Tony Rebel. I was at the studio with Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica, then I heard a riddim and I loved it. Rebel said "you can voice it". That's what happened.

Which was this riddim ?
It was the Chant Down Babylon Kingdom riddim.

Tell us more about this song.
"Poverty At Hand" is based upon the economical crunch we are facing, the price it costs for living basically the pressures of life.

And the other song produced by Penthouse "Go On Your Way" on the Serve and Protect riddim ?
"Go On Your Way" is very simple, two lovers together but one is unfaithful and the spouse of the unfaithful is tired of the lies and decided that he or she wants to be free.

Tell us about the connection between Flames and Penthouse. Tony Rebel and Donovan Germain are very close, aren't they ?
As far as the eyes behold there close so the connection is good. The connection between Flames and Penthouse is more like a family because of the chemistry we have, Germain is more like a father to Flames.

You recorded for other labels. What is Donovan Germain's singularity comparing to other producers ?
Donovan Germain is a keen listener, he hears things in the music that even me myself is amazed, however his work ethics is something I admire. He is good at what he does an that's what makes him unique to me.

Can you talk to us about your collaboration with the engineers who work at present for Penthouse Records ?
We have a good relationship musically. Me and Michael "Coolie" Cooper and Kevino "Bunu" Elliott good still. Unfortunately, I havenít worked with Shane C Brown as yet but soon I will. We respect each other so the vibe is positive.

Whatís a typical day like for you nowadays?
A typical day for me I start my day by giving thanks for life then a little exercise then studio until 5 in the evenings I play soccer it varies I do many things at times.

How has the Internet helped or not helped your career? Do you use it at all ?
The internet has helped me in many ways especially promoting myself as an artist an keeping in touch with fans, friends and family.

How a reggae artist can make money in these tough economical times ?
Well if there is an investment plan set then thatís a bread basket or dubs and stage show appearances.

Whatís the most important lesson that youíve learned so far with regard to Jamaicaís music industry ?
I learn to be creative and persistent in order to sustain in the music industry, there is competition so I make sure that the message I am sending other persons can relate to them with some catchy melodies.


- Go On Your Way (2009 - Serve and Protect riddim)
- Poverty At Hand (2009 - Chant Down Babylon Kingdom riddim)

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