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R.C. (Righteous Child)

RC ,aka Righteous Child, is one of the latest young artist signed by Penthouse Records.
He tells us about the beginning of his career and presents us his first songs recorded for the label.

(February 2013 -

Could you please introduce yourself to those reggae fans who don't know you yet ?
Blessed love to all the fans across the world and to those who don't know me yet. I have crazy love and respect for you all. I'm 27 years of age and very passionate about music. I was born in St Catherine and raise in Clarendon Jamaica where the life of Reggae music is the dwells.

When and how did you start your musical career ?
I started doing music at a late stage in life because I never have the links or the resources it takes to be a part of this wonderful thing. Living in the countryside of Jamaica it was hard to get a link in town with a good producer. 2009 I entered the Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall competition and came second and I never look back from then.

Can you explain the choice of your artist name ?
The name R.C. for Righteous Child came about because I didn't want to change my birth initials (R.C for Ryan Campbell) plus the choice of music I do is positive so it’s wasn't hard to chose.

Were you influenced by other singers ?
I listen to many artists. Sizzla, Queen Ifrica, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh just to name a few.

What was your first single ?
My very first single was way back in 2009 which I did a video for. The song is titled “Not Another Murder” produced by One House Entertainment. Took me a while to put out another because I didn’t have a producer until I met my own manager Donovan Germain.

How and when did you get connected with Donovan Germain ?
In 2010, I saw in the paper an article that Donovan Germain commented on the state of the music in today's industry. I really liked what he said so I told a friend that I had in Kingston I need to meet with Germain and no questions ask, he just brought me to the studio. I gave him my demo CD and he gave me some riddims and that’s how we started working.

What are the terms of your contract management with Penthouse ?
Donovan Germain is my manager and producer. He's responsible for all bookings.

What was your first recorded single for Penthouse ?
My first single for Penthouse is a track called “Queen Of My Heart” on the No Money riddim released in 2011.

You recorded for other labels. What is Donovan Germain's singularity comparing to other producers ?
There are many qualities that separates Donovan Germain from the rest of producers, but the single most important thing that stands out is that he is a true producer who takes the time to listen, delete, scrap or tell you that you should write another song.

Where do you find inspiration to write your lyrics ?
My inspiration comes through my everyday activities. Other people's life as well as my own it just comes natural sometimes, even in the middle of the night while in bed.

During the golden years of Penthouse records in the 90s, which songs left you most memories ?
My song for the 90's from Penthouse is Buju Banton’s “Till I'm Laid To Rest”.

What is your opinion about the evolution of the jamaican music ?
Life itself has its changes so it's natural that music will change as well. Dancehall is dancehall, reggae is reggae, so at the end of the day positive music and message will remain as long as radio dj's keeps playing reggae.

Tell us about the 6 singles relelased by Penthouse.
My singles recorded at Penthouse Records aren't just songs for dancing purpose. They actually tell the brutal and oppressing stories of what we as a people face in our daily lives. I tend to leave no stones unturn as I try to cover the entire nine yards of music. I sing about oppression, love, hate, social commentary, anything that caught my attention and has me thinking about it is going to end up on a track as a song.
No Money riddim is like my birth. I voiced “Queen Of My Heart” on that riddim and it became my first single under the management of Penthouse.
“Mary Puss” is one of those songs where I was just experimenting. I heard the Mesopotamia riddim and fell in love immediately. I've been listening to ska music over the years to be somewhat of social commentary so it was easy to come up with a topic.
I love the Sweet Ride riddim to my heart. That riddim almost missed me, because I was out of studio for a week and all my turf brothers and sisters had already voiced on it. I came up from the country the day before the riddim was released and a vibe just came to me to record “All Night”.
9.58 riddim is a great project. Busy Signal tittle track for his album is actually of that riddim. The album is doing great and that alone makes me happy to be a part of the project. “System A Fraud” is actually speaking for the people without a voice. Just a message to let the leaders of society know that the poor is tired of the ill treatment.
It was an honor working with all the artists on “Stand Against Rape”. It was for a good cause and I'm happy that I was chosen to be a part of something so purposeful. I've always wanted to work with Queen Ifrika ever since I met her a year ago. All the other females have such beautiful voice that it's hard to single out anyone.
“When I Was Your Man” was just faith. The day the song was released on Youtube, I told the engineer that I wanted to cover it. At that moment Donovan Germain was in the States. He contacted me from there saying that he has a song for me to cover. when he send the song to me I was in shock, so I got what I wanted.


- All Night (2012 - Sweet Ride Riddim)
- Mary Puss (2012 - Mesopotamia Riddim)
- Queen Of My Heart (2011 - No Money Riddim)
- Standing Against Rape with Penthouse All-stars (2012 - Kette Drum riddim)
- System A Fraud (2012 - 9:58 Riddim)
- When I Was Your Man (2013)

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