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Sweet C

Sweet C has been in the reggae industry since many years. She recorded two of the biggests hit songs of Penthouse Records at the beginning of the 90s.
She stood aside from the reggae industry during some years. She has returned to her first love - music - recording again for Penthouse and making available her talented songwriting for other artists.

(September 2008 -

How did you start your musical career?
I started out with Delroy Collins of Riddim Track label. I recorded my first single at Grove studios at Irie FM in Ocho Rios in the early 90s, maybe about 92 or 93.

Your real name is Carol Mahon. I think that Sweet C is for Sweet Carol. Who choose this artist name ?
My friends in High school.

Like many jamaican singers, you sang at church during your youth. Did you learn singing at Church ?
Not really, but that’s where I started.

What were your main musical influences ?
Beres Hammond, Bob Marley and Tony Rebel.

You sing on many different styles of riddims (dancehall, new roots). Is this a personal choice or is it aimed at reaching a larger audience ?

In 1993, you recorded 2 hit songs for Donovan Germain's Penthouse label ("Natty dread" on Champion riddim and "Where the culture gone" on Freedom Blues riddim. How did you get connected ?
By one of my inspirations : Tony Rebel.

Do you know that these 2 songs are still played by selectors on sound systems ?
I really had no idea.

You recorded for many labels (Xterminator, Gargamel, Studio 2000...). What is Donovan Germain's singularity comparing to other producers ?
His quiet disposition and respect.

When you recorded your first songs for Germain, it was the golden years of Penthouse label. Do you remember how was the atmosphere between artists at that time in the recording studio ?
At time I think that artist were more “Brothers Keepers”.

You live some years in the USA to bring up your son and you therefore ceased recording. Was it difficult to come back in the reggae music industry ?
Due to the fact I was already in the music industry it was not hard at all.

When you used to live in the USA, you were a registered nurse. Do you earn a living with music or do you have another job ?
Just music.

You recorded 3 songs for Penthouse since 2003 : "Paul" on Love Me Always riddim, "It's not ok" on Time Will Tell riddim and "Put Love First" on Continuation riddim. Could you tell us more about these songs ?
"Paul" was more of a situation at home. "It's not ok" was when the violence was taking place in Spanish town. Was really getting out of hand. "Put Love First" was written by myself and Junior Kelly.

Among all your 5 singles for Penthouse, which one is your favorite ?
"Where the Culture Gone".

You recorded for Penthouse in the new recording studio (6 Ballater Avenue) but also in the old (56 Slipe Road). What are the differences between these studios ?
Well all the major Penthouse hits came out of Slipe Road, but the new Penthouse has all the new equipments, pro tools and all.

What do you think of Penthouse new studio equipments ?
Very high tech. I love it.

You wrote songs for others artists. Could you tell us which ones ?
Co-wrote songs with Tony Rebel, Lady G, Everton Blender, Noddy Virtue, Nikki Burt, Steely & Clevie...

You have a Myspace. What is you personal use of internet ?
Surfing, mails, playing games and of course myspace !

Which are, according to you, the positive and negative consequences of internet on the reggae business ?
The positive is that it gives the public a wider knowledge and ultimately acceptance of the music, however, the negative is that people are able to access the music free of cost by downloading.

Despite your talent and your experiment, you are rather not very exposed. Your debut album "Lethal weapon" will be released only this year. How do you explain that ?
Priority... and of course nothing never happens before its time !


- It's Not Ok (2004 - Time Will Tell riddim)
- Natty Dread (1994 - Champion riddim)
- Paul (2003 - Love Me Always riddim)
- Put Love First (2006 - Continuation riddim)
- Where The Culture Gone (1993 - Freedom Blues riddim)

listen to these singles :