Torch presents "Ever Burning Flame", his first album

After nearly 15 years in the reggae music industry, Torch has just released his debut album. This solid album is produced by Penthouse Records, the label which gave him his first hit in 2004 with the song "Quality Time".
This 16 track set features cultural and lovers material. The involvement of Donovan Germain as the producer of this project is a guarantee for attention to detail and for quality music from beginning to end.
Torch comments for us each songs of his album.

(October 2012 -

1. Whatís on your mind [O.M.G riddim]
"That song was built for lovers, in this song you can see a man displaying his affection for his woman as he tries to re-assure love."

2. Treat her like a lady [Automatic riddim]
"I wrote this song to teach my fellow brothers how to treat a lady, top ranking spanking."

3. Ultimate lover [Big Stage riddim]
"This song is about being a lover like no other. In oneís life they might love but there is that one person that stands out in their life, the ultimate."

4. Faithful rasta man
"This song was written by the song writer (favorite), he displays the qualities of a true rasta man declaring his love to his empress."

5. Quality time [Tonight riddim]
"Every woman needs love and I wrote this to inspire others, and I hope men will take heed before you lose the one u love."

6. She was a queen [Fret Board riddim]
"Often we see young girls being a victim of molestation, abuse and often end up losing their lives. I did this in memory of every girl that have lost their lives in these tragic moments and I pray for the ones that made it through."

7. Good girl
"This was enlightenment for young girls not to throw their lives away. Good girls gone bad is now a popular slogan now Iím saying give us back the good girls."

8. Special attention [Them Never Love Poor Marcus riddim]
"If any man is having problems expressing himself to his woman pop this one in the player are you can take a few lines from it and lyrics your girl."

9. Real love nuh deh again [Go Fi Her riddim]
"Well I wrote this from real life stories, from different relationships and the way some people behave while being in a relationship."

10. Working hard [Working riddim]
"This song is personal to me and itís also a motivation for others to keep trying despite the odds."

11. Jah seeds I sow
"This song is showing a different side to my music burning a spiritual fire against evildoers and sowing good seeds at the same time."

12. How weíre living [Time Will Tell riddim]
"Here again you see me touching issues that we the people should have known by now but yet been struggling with these problems for years, now I love to sing about positivity so I hope people learn from these words."

13. High seat [No Money riddim]
"Speaks about politics and the issues the poor faces on a daily basis, while being treated unfairly by the leaders they elect to represent them."

14. No escape [Make Ends Meet riddim]
"This is a warning to Babylon and their system you reap what you sow and thereíll be no escape."

15. They donít know
"This one represents the voiceless, the people that are suffering and I hope it will be an eye opener for many who need to know."

16. Free up
"Now Free up is one of my favorites on this album as I address both the elderly and youngsters to turn away from a life of violence and crime Judgment is sure and sometime the penalty is death."

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