RUB-A-DUB label

subsidiary label of Revolutionnary Sounds


Distributed by Keith's Records (Brooklyn, New York - USA)

Barrington Levy - Whom Shall I Be Afraid Of
Carol Gonzales - Spoiled By Your Love
Cultural Roots - Mr Boss Man
George Nooks - Love Party
Hugh Porter - Love TKO
Joy White ? Spoiled By Your Love
Sugar Minott - Sandy
The Mighty Diamonds - Heads Of Goverment
The Mighty Diamonds & Chico - Juvenile Child
The Mighty Diamonds - Why War In The City


Cultural Roots Dub

Dub versions of Cultural Roots' albums "Revolutionary Sounds" and "Drift Away From Evil". Same cover and tracklisting as Revolutionary Sounds LP but with red "Dub" sticker on. Below is the actual playlist from playing the record. These are not official tracknames, it's the title from the vocal version with "Dub" added to it.

tracklist :
A1 Hypocrite Dub
A2 Rebel Rulers Dub
A3 Mr. Bossman Dub
A4 Where You Gonna Run Dub
A5 Ghetto People Dub
B1 Can't Fight Reality Dub
B2 Age Of Creation Dub
B3 Babylon Bridge Dub
B4 Granny Say Dub
B5 Jah No Partial Dub

Recording Studios : Channel One

Dub Off 'Har' Blouse & Skirt - vol. 3

tracklist :
A1 Dub Attraction
A2 Friction Dub
A3 Runnings
A4 Crucial Rock
A5 Germain Stylie
B1 Murderous Dub
B2 D.J's Special
B3 Dubbers' Delight
B4 Gully Bank Rock
B5 Hostile Behavior

Musicians : The Revolutionaries

Engineers : Maxie & Scientist

Studios : Channel One & Joe Gibbs

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